Mighty Hoop

The Mighty Hoop is a new magnetic hoop that makes hooping very easy. There is no need to adjust the outer ring as the hoop holds the garment with magnetic force and automatically adjusts for different thicknesses. It also reduces the stress on your wrists and hands because it wants to pull itself together. Even for thick garments, there is very little pressure needed to apply the hoop. Hoop burn is greatly reduced because of the way the hoop holds the fabric. Unlike clamps, Mighty Hoops are designed to work with the HoopMaster for easy accurate hooping.


 HoopMaster embroidery hooping devices and hoops for commercial embroidery machines
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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I know what sewing field size my machine is?
Answer: Go to this link to see where to measure your hoops to find your sewing field size.

Question: Will my Old HoopMaster main Station work for the new Mighty Hoop Fixtures?

Answer: Most of the fixtures will work on old HoopMaster Stations. The 13x16" hoop fixture will only work on stations that were manufactured after about November of 2010, otherwise you just need our drilling jig to add more holes. The 11x13" fixture needs holes that we started to put in Stations back in 2006. Click on the following link to see a picture of the holes needed for this fixture. If you do not have these holes, you just need to order the drilling jig with your fixture so that you can add them..
Pictures of holes needed and instructions

Question: Will the magnets damage my embroidery machine?
Answer: We have thoroughly tested the Mighty Hoops and have found no adverse effects on the embroidery machine as long as they are properly used.  You can visit this link for general warnings for the Mighty Hoops.
Magnet warnings

Question:  Will the Mighty Hoops affect my pacemaker or other medical device?
Answer: If you have any type of medical device that can be affected by magnets, you should consult your doctor before purchasing or using Mighty Hoops.  The Mighty Hoops produce about 4 Tesla of magnetic force right at the surface of the hoop.

Question: What brands of machines do you make the Mighty Hoops for?
Answer: We currently make the Mighty Hoops for Tajima, Barudan, SWF, Brother, Melco, Toyota, Happy, ZSK, and Inbro.  We do not have brackets for all sewing fields for these brands, but we have the most common sizes.  Call or email us with your sewing field size and brand of machine and we can tell you if we have the Mighty hoops for your machine.

Question:  Do you make the Mighty hoops for any single needle home embroidery machines?
Answer: No, we only make the Mighty hoops for commercial machines at this time.

Question:  Are the Mighty Hoops the same thing as Magna-hoops?
Answer: No, The Mighty Hoops are much different in the way they are made and used.  Watch the demo video to see how they work.

Question: Do I need to own a HoopMaster to use the Mighty Hoops?
Answer: You should have a HoopMaster to use the Mighty Hoops.  If you do not have a HoopMaster kit, look at the last few items on the pricing-order page for details. You just need a Station and FreeStyle base to use the Mighty Hoop and Fixture.

Question: What if I have more than one brand of embroidery machine, will the Mighty Hoops fit both machines?
Answer: Yes, The Mighty Hoops come with brackets for one brand of machine, if you would like to use them on other machines, simply order another set of brackets for the hoops.