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Specialty Embroidery Backing | 9000 Tech Weave | High Performance Woven Cut Away Backing | 15" x 100yds Roll

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Tech Weave - High Performance Woven Backing - 15" x 100yds Roll
Part Number: BKRL-9000-15x100
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9000 - Tech Weave - High Performance Woven Backing - 15" x 100yds Roll - United Thread is your best source for Wholesale Embroidery Stabilizers and Embroidery Backing. Embroidery backing and stabilzers available from United Thread are all made in the USA. United Thread offers the highest quality wet laid backing backing which provides strong and consistent stability throughout the backing. You will noitce you can use less backing than other brands which enhances the overall look of the embroidery and saves you money.

Tech Weave Guidelines
Backing plays an important role in producing quality embroidery. Unlike traditional non-woven backing, Tech Weave is a woven backing that offers stronger stability and is performing very well for many embroiderers on the polyester performance material. However, due to the stretchy characteristic of polyester garments, backing alone isn't the only answer; hooping, digitizing, tensions, and machine speed will also affect the embroidery quality.
Here are some basic guidelines to help achieve the best quality embroidery on Performance Polyester Material:
1. Hooping: The garment should be hooped, tight, like a drum, but not stretched (if stretched, once it is released from the hoop it will relax causing puckering). The outer ring of the hoops should hold the garment tight enough where garment cannot move or slip in the hoop. Any movement will also cause puckering.

2. Digitizing: Proper digitizing will also affect the quality of your finished embroidery on any garment. Digitizing techniques (use of underlay, density, pulls comp, etc.) will vary slightly from one garment type to another. Be sure to tell your digitizer what type of garment is going to be embroidered, this will allow that digitizer to fine tune the design for best results; especially for polyester performance materials.

3. Thread Tensions: With the popularity of polyester threads comes tighter thread tensions. Polyester typically will require tighter tensions than rayon thread due to the higher elasticity. However as with all thread, the looser you can set your tension and still maintain the proper balance of under thread to top thread when looking at the backside of the embroidery, the better the embroidery will look and the better your machine will run. Also, loose tensions, will decrease the push/pull effect on the garment and decrease the chances of puckering.

4. Machine Speed: Just because your machine can run 1200spm, doesn't mean you should. Speed also affects the push/pull effect on a garment. The faster the machine is running, the more this push/pull effect will be. Suggestion is to run the machine slow and gradually increase the speed to a speed where you get desired production without sacrificing quality.

Using Tech Weave has shown to be very effective in improving the overall quality of embroidery on the polyester performance materials. In addition to the points outlined above, mixing a tear away or light standard cutaway in with Tech Weave will in some cases also help. Each job will have its own challenges. With so many variables from the complexity of the design to the style of the shirt, you may have to experiment from time to time to get the best results. Following the guidelines above will expedite the process for choosing the right backing for the job. United Thread offers over 25 styles of backing to aide in producing the best possible embroidery. Please don't hesitate to contact one of our reps.

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